Welcome To C.H.A.N.G.E. Factors with Penelope Olson

C.H.A.N.G.E. Factors™ — designed by Penelope Olson, M.Ed. — focus on 6 critical areas of being able to handle stress successfully:


  • confidently navigating change
  • reframing anxiety and stress
  • actively enjoying your success
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Move beyond surviving and into thriving with proven
flexibility strategies...

1-on-1 Sessions

On the road of life, change can take major tolls on your health.  1-on-1 sessions with Penelope will get you strategies you need to reframe your anxiety and stress with healthy ease.


From professional ballet to shifting stress into strength, Penelope’s journey has gifted her strategies for maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual flexibility.

Blogs & Vlogs

This is useful info, cool thoughts, and real-life techniques that Penelope uses to reframe anxiety and stress; stay centered; and find fun in almost every situation.

GREAT Stuff!

Here are some goodies that support reframing your anxiety and stress while transforming them into sustainable strength.

Got Flexibility?

From births to deaths — and all the living in the middle — changes can cause anxiety and confusion.  These stresses take their toll on our health in many ways.  Working with Penelope gives you strategies to manage your stress with healthy ease.

Ask yourself this: When you feel challenged, are you flexible and adaptive?  Or do you tense up and feel overwhelmed? C.H.A.N.G.E. Factors can give you clarity; help you respond with calm; and increase the quality of everything from your basic health to your best happiness… and everything in-between.

Proven change factors help you thrive during challenges instead of just surviving.  Think of the factors as upgrades for your happiness and success!

And those proven factors are exactly what you get when you work with Penelope:  tools and techniques that help you cruise past life’s speed bumps and onto the success highways you’ve always wanted to explore!

So, please give Penelope a call — today! — and start strategizing your change for the better.

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